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Monday, March 26, 2012

Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Powder Foundation SPF 20 Review

Enabled by fellow blogger Suka and Spice, I decided I needed the Josie Maran Argan Matchmaster Powder Foundation SPF 20 in my life.

This powder foundation is self-adjusting, so it goes on white and changes color to match your skin tone. It really is pretty amazing how this works! The powder goes on white then transforms as the product is blended.

I like that it has a separate compartment for the sponge applicator and also includes a mirror.

I was skeptical whether or not this would work for me because it only comes in 3 shades. The middle shade Light/Medium seemed like the obvious choice, but when I swatched it at Sephora it was way too orange for my NC25 skin. The lightest shade Fair/Light was a touch lighter than my wrist so I went with that. It turns out that the color is actually a great match for me, so I wonder if it really is suitable for very fair skin tones. It is pretty neutral in tone, neither too warm or too cool.

Swatch straight from the sponge


Isn't it cool how the powder magically blends into the color of my skin? In terms of application, the product does powder up a lot, especially when you use a brush. I prefer to just use the sponge applicator included in the compact. However, since the white parts of the powder are not evenly distributed throughout the compact, the sponge sometimes picks up too much white and requires more blending so it doesn't look ashy.

The feel of this powder foundation is what I really love. It is super silky and my skin feels so soft afterwards. The SPF 20 makes this a perfect swipe and go face product for those days when one is running late or in a rush. The coverage is light - enough to even out the skin tone but not enough to hide blemishes or dark spots. This would be a great summer/beach day foundation. However, and this is a big however, this powder does not last all day. It starts fading after about 4-5 hours. I wore this a few times and when I used a makeup wipe to remove my makeup at the end of the day, the wipe was practically white...there was so little face makeup on that there was nothing left to remove! This was the case even when I used a face primer underneath. Therefore, this powder foundation is going back. Although I really liked how this looked and felt on my skin, I need something that will last all day, and unfortunately, this isn't it.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

February 2012 Favorites

This February I discovered a couple amazing new (to me) products, and fell in love again with some classics:

1. Lush The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask - I have used this before and it's definitely my favorite mask from Lush. Although I can't vouch for its anti-aging benefits, this leaves my skin super soft, moisturized and smooth, not tight and dry. 

2. Gud by Burts Bees Hand Cream in Floral Cherrynova - I love how fast absorbing this cream is, yet it still manages to infuse a solid amount of moisture in my skin. When I use this at night I wake up with super soft hands. I love floral scents and this smells soooo fresh and floral, but there are other scents available too. My full review of this line is here

3. Sue Devitt Gel-to-Powder Blush in Marion Reef - This blush is AMAZING! It has a velvet feel to it and it applies like a gel/cream but sets on the face as a powder. It feels so silky and lasts ALL day on me. I normally layer powder blushes on top of cream blushes but I don't have to with this because it is so pigmented and long lasting. I will do a full review soon. 


4. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation - This is such a popular product in the blogosphere so I just had to try it for myself. My verdict? It does live up to the hype! Nars has done a great job with the shade selection and the formula sets beautifully. Although it is called sheer glow, it has medium coverage and a natural finish. I will do an in-depth review of this product too, but so far I am loving it.

5. Kirkland Makeup Wipes - I have re-discovered my love for makeup wipes and these are by far my favorite. I love the thick texture, the moistness of each towelette, the fact that one towelette removes ALL my makeup (including mascara and gel eyeliner) and the price! Check out my full review here

Hope you all had a great February! I am glad it's over because that means we are one month closer to spring and warm weather! Oh, and in other news, the Too Faced Vintage Sale started today so check out the Too Faced Website for some great deals on soon-to-be-discontinuted products and sets.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


As mentioned previously, I am on a kick to finish up my half-used products, and I was successful at finishing 3 things last month:

1. Aura Science Phase One Withdraw Mask - This is a clay mask I picked up a few years ago from Victoria's Secret. I heard that they only sell the Aura Science line in a few states in the US. Personally, I have not seen it in California or Pennsylvania in recent years. I kind of wish they would bring it back because I really liked this mask. A thin layer all over my face and neck really helped shrink my pores and tighten my skin. It was non-drying, but the pore-shrinking effect made me believe it did deep clean all the gunk in my pores. This mask also left my skin super-smooth and soft. Oh well, I will have to find another one....any recommendations?

2. Fresh Soy Face Serum - I had heard great things about the Fresh Soy line, so when I needed a new face serum, I decided to see if it was worth the buzz. OMG, this product smells like rotten cucumbers! I can't believe I actually used up this whole bottle. Really speaking, I would have returned it but I couldn't find the receipt, and couldn't bear throwing it out, so I just used it in the morning when I knew I would be wearing makeup after my skin care so the smell would get covered up. Aside from the smell, I don't think this serum did anything great for my skin. It didn't reduce the size of my pores, and I didn't notice any brightening effects. I don't think it hydrated my skin very much, and I definitely didn't notice any anti-aging effects. My skin was softer with this serum, but that is about it. I highly recommend that you stay away from this product and the whole Soy line.

3. MAC Select SPF Moistureblend Foundation - This is another product that is now discontinued. This foundation was replaced by the Mineralize Foundation SPF 15 that comes in a compact. I really liked the Moistureblend formula so I had a couple back-ups and the one I just used up was the last of my stock. I used it sparingly, mostly when traveling, but I loved it because it was so easy to use and blended in with my skin flawlessly. It looked like I wasn't wearing makeup at all, and it was very hydrating. I guess now I will have to venture out and try the newer Mineralize version.

Have you used any of these products? Have you finished anything recently?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shiseido Skin Protect Stick Foundation SPF 35 Review

I was browsing the Shiseido counter a couple weeks ago when I saw the Shiseido Skin Protect Stick Foundation:

I was immediately intrigued because the Shiseido sunscreens are so popular and I rarely see a foundation with a SPF of 35. The foundation is a stick and you twist up the yellow piece on the bottom to push the product up.

The only problem with this foundation is that there are only 3 shades. 3 shades!!! And only 2 of them are actually colored, the third one is translucent/clear. Who makes a foundation in only 3 shades? Fortunately, or so I thought, the Ochre shade suited my skin. 

Swatch straight from stick

Swatch of foundation blended

I thought maybe this would be more like a tinted moisturizer and that's why there were only 2 shades, but no, this is like a light-medium coverage foundation. The product itself is super creamy and blends like a dream. It feels soft on the skin and not heavy or sticky. It doesn't even have a strong sunscreen smell. Score! The only problem is the shade I got didn't match my face exactly. I think this product has the potential to be an amazing summertime skin base, but Shiseido really needs to consider expanding the shade range. Until then, I will have to stick to my arsenal of reliable MAC foundations. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July Favorites

Last month was all about quick and easy-to-use products because I was so busy and most frequently opted for a simple look rather than a complicated, full face of makeup. Here are the products I kept reaching for:

1. MAC Lipstick in See Sheer - This is the perfect wearable coral lipstick for me. I can wear it with neutral eye looks for a subtle pop of color, or with a smoky eye because it adds a bit of fun to the lips without being in-your-face.

2. MAC Pro Longwear Foundation - I have talked about this a lot before but I continue to love it because it is so easy to wear! It provides medium coverage, blends easily, has a bit of SPF and lasts ALL day long! Who really wants to reapply foundation in the summeritme? Not me. 

3. MAC 130 brush - I have been using this brush every single day. I use it with all formula foundations, even the Pro Long Wear mentioned above. It blends foundation so easily and buffs it in to the skin so your skin looks clean and neat...not cakey. This can also be used with cream blushes and concealers. 

4. Sephora Airbrush Concealer Brush - Another brush I have been using every day. I got this in the Sephora Airbrush Set, which I like, but this is my favorite of the bunch. It does seem kind of big but it so perfect for blending concealer under the eyes. 

5. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Shadow in Beach Bronze - This is just so perfect for summer! I wear it alone as a sheer wash on the lid. It has a bit of sparkle in it so it has some dimension when the light/sun hits it. And not to mention it is just so easy to dab a bit on my finger, swipe it over my lid, and go! 

L-R: Beach Bronze swiped and blended

What are you easy go-to items for summertime?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Makeup Tip Monday: Foundation Shopping

I know I missed my tip for last Monday, so please forgive me, but I hope you enjoy today's tip! I find it to be super helpful when I go foundation shopping:

When trying on a new foundation at a cosmetic store/counter, bring a pocket sized mirror with you or borrow one from the counter for a few minutes. After getting color-matched and applying the foundation to your face, take the mirror and step outside the store in to natural sunlight. Looking at the foundation in natural light will give you the best indicator of whether or not the foundation is a true match. A lot of times, stores are dark or have harsh yellow lighting that alters the appearance of foundation and you end up purchasing the wrong shade. 

I once heard that women buy 7 foundations before finding one that works for them. Hopefully, this tip will help narrow that number for some of you. 

Also, Happy 4th of July for those of you in the States. How will you be celebrating?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Makeup Tip Monday: DIY Tinted Moisturizer

Ever look at your foundation wardrobe and feel like you have too many products? Here's an easy trick to save on buying a tinted moisturizer:

Invest in a good medium-full coverage foundation, and when you feel like you want lighter coverage, simply mix a bit of the foundation with your favorite moisturizer. 

Of course, this is only worthwhile if you use different coverages everyday. If you use tinted moisturizer everyday, it's probably a good idea to purchase one that you like. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MUFE HD Invisible Cover Foundation Review

Beauty editors, makeup artists, beauty bloggers, and makeup fans have all raved about the Make Up For Ever (MUFE) HD Invisible Cover Foundation. It's about time I find out for myself what all the hype is about.

The foundation itself has a very thin and liquidy consistency and provides sheer-medium coverage. I've discovered that several other HD formulas are liquidy and sheer, including MAC's Face and Body Foundation (MAC's version of an HD formula) and Smashbox's  HD Healthy FX Foundation. I just don't understand why HD formulas are so sheer! If you need to look good on film you probably need at least a medium coverage foundation, unless you have perfect skin....and realistically, who does? That being said, the HD formulas are buildable, but if you need medium-full coverage and layer a lot, then the foundation will be cakey and unattractive. Thus, I really don't understand this whole HD business. 

Back to my review of the MUFE version. I think it is good if you have perfect skin and don't need much coverage, but not if you have redness or scars that you want covered by foundation. Also, unless you have zero under under eye circles (again, who does), you need to use an under eye concealer. That being said, this foundation does photograph well. 

Keep in mind that I did use a face primer here, but only used one layer of the MUFE foundation. My skin is no where near perfect but it looks pretty good if I say so myself! 

Here is a close up:

The color range of this foundation is really good, but I don't like their numbering system because it is impossible to differentiate between warm and cool shades based purely on the shade number. You basically just have to test out a bunch before finding your right shade. Also, after looking at the close ups of my skin with this foundation on, I realize that this formula looks better in photos than in person. Maybe that is the magic of the HD ingredients? I dunno, but I know that I want my skin to look good both in person and in photos. 

Kajal Couture Rating: B

Kajal Couture Overall Opinion: I found this foundation to be just ok. I wouldn't re-purchase because I think there are much better foundations that feel light but provide better coverage while allowing skin to look good both in person and in photos. My current fave is MAC Studio Sculpt and I will be doing a review of that one soon!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Continuous Quest For THE Tinted Moisturizer

Remember that Brady Bunch song: "we're gonna keep on keep on keep on dancing all through the night...?"

Yes, dorky, I know, but it kinda sounds like my tinted moisturizer anthem: I'm gonna keep on keep on keep on searching for the perfect tinted moisturizer.

I have tried a bajillion tinted moisturizers, since I prefer lightweight makeup for day to day wear, but I can never seem to find the right one. Im my never-ending search I recently tried one more...Bobbi Brown's SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer.

This might just top my list of tinted moisturizers. Why? Let me count thy ways:
  1. Has SPF
  2. Provides a good amount of coverage while still being light
  3. Is very moisturizing
  4. Blends very smoothly
  5. Looks natural, not cakey 
  6. Is very comfortable on the skin (non-sticky, non-greasy)
  7. Provides a natural finish, not dewy or matte
I really like the coverage this gives my skin and while wearing this, whenever I saw my face in the mirror, I kept thinking, "Wow! My skin looks gooooood!"

Swatch of Medium Shade

The only drawback for me is that I am between the Light To Medium and Medium shades. I think this would be perfect if the shade range were to be expanded. And one more thing...I have dry skin. Since this product is for normal-dry skin, the texture and consistency is perfect for me. This product is probably not going to be suitable for those with oily skin.

Kajal Couture Rating: A- 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

What's Your Level of Tint? Fun with Tinted Moisturizers

All through high school I used to wear Clinique's Almost Makeup. I thought it was the greatest invention in the world! It wasn't as thick as foundation but gave me the perfect amount of coverage! However, what I failed to realize back then was that the shade I wore was a bit too cool toned and pink for my olive skin. I'm not sure if Clinique has expanded their shade range or modified it since then, but overall I think their foundations lean more pink than yellow....and like Bobbi Brown, I believe more people lean yellow than pink (even if they do have patches of redness). 

I think tinted moisturizers are a great product for the consumer, but like foundation, it is hard to find a formula you like. Some provide foundation-like coverage...some are lacking the "tinted" part of the product...some are too oily....some are too pink-toned....what's a gal to do? So I decided to play around with a few popular tinted moisturizers and see how the coverage compares to each other. I made a thick black line using a gel eyeliner and applied the various products over the line, just to show you how the coverage differs:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sneak Peak - New MAC Pro Longwear Foundation and Concealer Review

Hopefully this sneak peak of the new MAC Pro Longwear Foundation and Concealer will make up for my lack of posts during the last couple weeks. ;)

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the new foundation, concealer, and lipsticks (review coming soon) before their big nationwide release tomorrow. So what's my overall opinion? All products are AMAZING!! Especially the foundation and concealer:

First off, I have to tell you about the Pro Longwear Foundation. This stuff is everything I ever wanted in a foundation and MORE!! I have nothing negative to say about this foundation except, why didn't they invent this sooner?!?!

This foundation provides medium coverage that can be sheered out for light coverage or built up for heavier coverage. It actually does a superb job of evening out the skin tone and making the complexion flawless. What I love most about this is that even with the good coverage, it makes your skin look natural. Yes...NATURAL!!! Most foundations that claim to give a natural effect still can look cakey or too matte or too shiny. This gives the most flawless look of any foundation I have tried to date, while still providing a good amount of coverage. And if that wasn't enough, it's longwearing! It is supposed to last 14 hours, which it probably does, as I didn't test out the wear time, but I have worn it a for a few days in a row, and it does last from morning till night, without fading or altering. This foundation also makes the texture of the skin look amazing....can you tell yet that I am in love with this foundation?

                                      nozzle can pump                              nozzle locked

So just to throw in another great thing about this foundation is that you don't need to purchase a separate punp for it and that it has a built in pump, so you get the perfect amount every time. What's even better, is that you can lock the pump, as pictured above. 

The consistency of this foundation is also great...not sticky, not thick, not too watery, not heavy.....just perfect! And very easy to blend!

In this swatch I tried blending out the foundation so you can see how easy it is to blend. The photo makes the foundation look a bit glossy, but that is because of the flash and the product is not glossy like that. In case you want to know, this was my shade NC30.

Kajal Couture Overall Rating: A+

Kajal Couture Overall Opinion: This is one foundation I will definitely repurchase, instead of trying the next best thing in foundation. Nuff' said. 

Now on to the Pro Longwear Concealer:

I usually only wear concealer on my under eyes for important events, not everyday, because I can never find one I like enough. Guess what? I have been wearing this everyday. =) 

This is creamy, not too thick, but provides great coverage. It doesn't crease if you set it with powder, it lasts all day, and blends easily. The first time I wore it, I was instantly brightened my eyes and my whole look!

Like the foundation, this concealer comes with a pump. I like that because it's not messy like concealer pots, and you don't risk contamination like with doe tip applicators. It is very hygienic and easy to use. The only problem is one pump is way too much product for one application. That being said, you only need to use a teeny tiny bit in order to get good coverage, so even if you used one pump everyday, this will last you forever. However, if you are careful, you can press the pump ever so slightly just to get a half or quarter pump worth of product.

This swatch shows just how opaque this concealer is, but that it can be blended out. Again, the pic makes this look glossy because of the flash, but the product itself is not glossy. Again, if you are interested, my shade for my under eyes is NW25. 

Kajal Couture Overall Rating: A

Kajal Couture Overall Opinion: I really like this concealer due to its coverage and the fact that is lasts all day and does not crease. I wish the pump provided less product, but that is a minor thing for me and I highly recommend this if you are in the market for a concealer. 

So...will you be checking out either of these products? 

Monday, August 16, 2010

My Honeymoon Makeup Bag

I recently found a couple pics on the makeup I took on my honeymoon, and realized I never posted them. For my honeymoon, I was determined to pack light, at least in terms of my cosmetics, and I am so proud of myself for actually sticking to that!! This is all I took with me:

Here is a list of the products:

Monday, March 22, 2010

Foundation Shopping Blues

Have you ever purchased or received a sample of foundation that is supposedly your perfect match, but when you get home, you realize it looks nothing close to natural? I used Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation for a photo shoot once, and the model's skin looked so amazing, I have since been wanting to try it out for myself. I have visited the Laura Mercier counter at various department stores to get samples, and no one seems to get it right. I can't even test the colors myself because the department stores are always so loaded with pushy sales assistants grabbing bottles from me and attacking my face with foundation sponges, that even though I prefer to find my match on my own, they won't allow me.

I swatched several of the samples on my hand, and compared them to my Korres Ginger and Vitamins Foundation and MAC Select SPF that actually match me. The odd colors are the Laura Mercier samples:

What a large variance!!! I have been so irritated that I can't get a decent sample. I even had one makeup artist apply the foundation to my entire face, I went into natural light to check it, it was a perfect match, and went home to realize she gave me the wrong color sample. Sigh. I am so turned off I just might give up on trying Laura Mercier.

In any case, when you do go shopping, make sure you or the sales assistant matches the foundation color to both your jawline and your neck. My jawline and face are a bit darker and a bit more pink then my neck and body. Therefore, most people tend to match my jawline and face, and though the foundation matches my face, it makes me look darker and pinker than the rest of my body. You want your body and face to be even.

Also, make sure that before you purchase a foundation, if you can't get a sample, at least try it all over your face, step out of the store or mall, and go into natural daylight with a mirror. Most department stores will let you borrow a mirror and step outside the doors for a minute, so I prefer shopping at those types of stores if possible. If you have a mirror you can also check your self. Stores like Sephora have terrible lighting that is nothing like natural daylight, so your color will usually be a little off.

Have you ever tried Laura Mercier? What do you think?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Korres Ginger and Vitamins Foundation Review

I recently made my first venture into trying out Korres products, and let me tell ya, I am a very happy camper!! I had been on the Korres site many times, and always wondered what to try out. I read many a review before I decided on a couple products. The first that I will review for you is my favorite of what I got: the Ginger and Vitamins Foundation SPF 15:

This is a light-medium coverage foundation, and if you use a wet brush or sponge to apply it, you can sheer it out for a light finish. The product is so weightless on the skin, that it feels like tinted moisturizer. This foundation provides a very natural look, it does not look caked on, or give the appearance that you are wearing foundation, and that is what I love most about it. It is not oily or greasy feeling, but at the same time it is not matte, it gives a very natural, dewy finish. Of course, topped with a powder, you can achieve a very matte look. I bought the shade LF4 and I am usually an NC30 in MAC, and the LF4 matches me perfectly. Here is a swatch:

On the left side is a tiny droplet squeezed directly from the tube, the middle is a droplet blended out slightly, so you can see how lightweight and liquidy it is, and the right swatch is blended out. Keep in mind that is my hand, which is why the foundation does not blend naturally and the color does not match.

This has become my new daily use foundation and I love it! Rarely do I feel that a product is worth every cent, but with this one I do. The other plus is that this foundation is actually good for your skin! It is Korres so it is made of natural ingredients, it has ginger to tone and clarify the skin, and Vitamins C and E to prevent the visible signs of aging! And if that wasn't enough, this baby has SPF 10 in it too! I mean, it's not a lot, but its better than nothing, especially if your moisturizer doesn't have SPF in it. If I had to point out a negative, it would be that after you apply this foundation, you have to let it set a minute or so before applying other face products. For me, that is not hard because I either wait till it dries, or I move on to my eye makeup. Either way, it is definitely worth that extra min or so because the finish is so great.

If you are interested in trying this out, they do have it at Sephora, but if you order online like I did, I heard that the even number shades (LF2, LF4, and LF6) are for people with golden/olive undertones, and the odd number shades (LF1, LF3, and LF5) are for those with pink undertones.

Kajal Couture Rating: A

Kajal Couture Overall Opinion: Great foundation for those that want a natural look without looking like you are wearing foundation. Feels great on the skin and it is actually good for your skin too! I highly recommend this one, and it starting to become a favorite of mine.

I was so pleased with this that my next Korres plan of action is to try out their face primer...let's see if my wallet agrees.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Foundation Coverage from a Powder

When I say that I LOVE the MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes, that is an understatement. I use the shimmery ones as highlighters and blushes, but I am a huge fan of the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (MSF Natural) as a setting powder, or just as a daily powder when I don't wear any foundation. I recently discovered a trick that allows the MSF Natural to provide even more coverage! Instead of using a regular powder or duo-fibre brush, use a kabuki/buffer brush (like the MAC 182) and swirl it around the powder and then buff the powder into the skin in a circular motion. When I tried this method, it gave me the same coverage as foundation! It might not be full coverage, but I can definitely achieve up to medium coverage, which is perfect for work and everyday. 

I am especially excited because I don't like to wear a lot during the summer, and it's a major plus when I can use one product to get the same result as 2 products. If you like the MAC Mineralize loose foundation, try this out. Using the MSF Natural seems to give the same coverage, but without the mess!


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